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Visual Factories Makes UK Debut at MACH 2016.

March 2016

March 2016*

March 2016

With the recent opening of its UK facility, Visual Factories will be using the event as a platform to introduce its Performance Improvement Management (PIM) system to the UK marketplace.

The new Performance Improvement Management (PIM) system is a complete solution that enables manufacturers to optimize their production processes. Compatible with any type of production machine, the PIM system utilizes the most reliable and accurate data to enable real-time monitoring, analysis and control of the production processes without human intervention.

The PIM system from Visual Factories continuously captures information from the production machines’ activity in real time by utilizing state of the art proprietary algorithms to analyze and present the collected data through unique, easy to comprehend displays and reports. The PIM methodology enables optimization by learning the existing resources and processes in parallel to motivating and encouraging people to manage themselves in achieving these goals.

Discussing the entry of Visual Factories into the UK marketplace, Company CEO, Mr Matti Tiano comments: “Since the inception of Visual Factories, we have delivered remarkable results with blue-chip companies in the aerospace industry. With a customer base that boasts leading turbine and aero engine manufacturers and familiar names like Tyrolit, we see the UK aerospace industry as a key market that can benefit hugely from our PIM system. Furthermore, PIM is a platform that can be implemented in any type of manufacturing

business from OEM’s to subcontract machine shops.”
The benefits derived from the PIM package are aimed at reducing costs and delivering productivity and capacity gains. The PIM platform provides a reliable and accurate information source whereby no human input is required. This delivers an instant insight for improvements on a platform that motivates staff. By identifying production performance measurements and instigating root cause analysis, the new innovation from Visual Factories utilizes real time monitoring to identify early problem detection and also control inventory consumption.

The PIM package delivers benefits throughout the business from production operations and maintenance through to financial control over elements like ‘cost per part’ and pricing modules. Furthermore, the PIM system instigates logistical changes that reduce waste and derive accurate consumable usage and costing. All these benefits and many more are all offered in one single package that enables one single key performance indicator to evaluate the overall performance of the business, resulting in significant gains across the whole business model.

If you can't measure it - you can't manage it!