DNC, Direct Numeric Control – File transfer for CNC machines

Direct Numerical Control (DNC) is also known as Distributed Numerical Control and is a common manufacturing term for networking CNC machine tools. In previous times when some CNC machine controllers had memory that was too small to contain the machining program, the programs were stored in a separate computer and sent directly to the CNC machine, one block at a time.

Nowadays DNC is used to transfer CNC machine program files when multiple CNC machine programs are stored in one main central server in the factory.
The main server is connected to a number of machines through the factory network. This enables uploading and downloading of programs to the CNC machine and from each of the CNC machines in the factory. Usually, the manufacturer of the control provides suitable DNC software enabling uploading and downloading of CNC program files. However, if this provision is not possible, some software companies provide DNC applications for uploading and downloading of CNC program files to fulfill this purpose.
Uploading and Downloading of CNC machines program files enables manufacturers to manage monitor and control multiple CNC machines and improve and optimize the manufacturing organization processes.