The Need

To enhance competitive advantage and profitability, manufacturers must maintain high performance levels, reduce production costs and improve productivity.
Traditional manufacturing businesses are often unaware of their true production potential. At Visual Factories, our innovative software highlights the shop-floor potential and enables end users to maximize productivity whilst reducing costs.


The PIM solution

Visual-Factories’ Performance Improvement Management (PIM) system is autonomous, out of the box, digital factory, machine learning, cloud based software that enables manufacturers to reduce operations inefficiencies and monitor & control their true costs per part.

Compatible with any type of production machine, the PIM system utilizes a set of tools accompanied with defined work procedure to quickly realize substantial improvements.


PIM Tools kit

The PIM continuously captures the production machines activity in real time, it utilize state of the art proprietary algorithms to learn, analyze and present the collected data through unique, easy to comprehend displays and reports.

The PIM Gamification method enables optimization by learning the existing resources and processes in parallel to motivating and encouraging people to manage themselves in achieving these goals.

Case study example

The three reports illustrate a real case study example conducted with one of our customers.
When connecting the PIM system to the production line, we measured the actual production line performance as shown in the first ‘Initial’ report.
Based on the PIM measurements and methodology, the customer started to implement the PIM recommendations into his operations and the immediate improvement is shown in the second report ‘In process’, helping us to evaluate our actions and progress.
After completing the PIM recommendations implementations the production line started to utilize its resources to the optimum, on an ongoing basis. This is shown in the third ‘Improved’ report


What our clients say

logo-client-turbine-2“I’ve worked with many, many consultants over the years and I’ve seen a lot of machine monitoring and data collection systems.
I would rank Visual-Factories PIM system as one of the most insightful and strategic systems that I’ve worked with.
The unique combination of a reliable data collection system with a well thought working methodology, effectively challenged our thinking, helped us better analyze our business insights and performance.”
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Haim Levi, CEO, Turbinejet

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