Visual-Factories’ Performance Improvement Management (PIM) system is a complete solution for manufacturers to optimize production processes.

Draws on any type of production machine, the system utilizes the most reliable and accurate data to enable real-time monitoring, analysis and control of production processes without human interference.

The system continuously captures the production machines activity in real time by utilizing state of the art proprietary algorithms to analyze and present the collected data through unique, easy to comprehend displays and reports. The PIM methodology enables optimization by learning the existing resources and processes in parallel to motivating and encouraging people to manage themselves in achieving these goals.

System Highlights

  • Reliable and accurate information source
  • No human input required
  • Insight for improvements
  • Dynamic optimization
  • Platform for motivating people
  • Production performance measurements
  • Early problem detection
  • Implements root cause analysis
  • Real time monitoring
  • Consumable consumption control
  • Self evaluation of system effectiveness
  • System Benefits (click each item to open)

  • Achieve and maintain optimal performance level.
  • Prevents production performance deterioration.
  • Real time, remote production monitoring.
  • Identifies anomalies and problems in production.
  • Initiates operator motivation.
  • Comparisons across different sites in the world.
  • Minimizes machine downtime.
  • Shortens reaction time to breakdown.
  • Identifies and highlights major machine breakdown reasons.
  • Accurately establishes and monitors manufacturing ‘Costs Per Part’.
  • Supports risk and revenue pricing model.
  • Process efficiency analysis.
  • Insight for process improvements.
  • Environment for dynamic ongoing improvements.
  • Secured distribution system for consumables.
  • Prevents waste.
  • Accurate consumables usage and cost.
  • Define realistic targets to operations, engineering and maintenance.
  • Measure and monitor operations, engineering and maintenance performance effectiveness.
  • Monitoring and control of fixed and variable costs.
  • One single key performance indicator to evaluate the overall performance
  • If you can't measure it - you can't manage it!
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