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Any machine, at any given moment!

Feb 6th 2018

Feb 6th 2018* Ran Metzer: “I see everything that happens in the factory, live the production line; Any machine, at any given moment!” Ran Metzer Turbine Jet Operations Manager Turbine Jet manufactures blades for jet engines in its plant, located in Migdal Tefen industrial zone in the Galilee. The company,… read more →
Korea pic (UVC Logo)

Visual Factories nominates a VAR in Korea

Nov 28th 2017

Nov 28th 2017* Visual factories is proud to announce the nomination of UVC Co., Ltd., as it’s VAR in Korea. Following discussions, both sides agree that there is large potential for Visual Factories’ PIM (Performance Improvement Management solution) in the Korean industry. “Korea is one of the most advanced and… read more →
Geektime pic

Geektime, the leading Israel tech magazine, featured Visual Factories in an article titled “Visual Factories the Israeli startup that wishes to turn any factory into a smart factory”

Nov 25th 2017

Nov 25th 2017* The article explained how production factories can improve their gross profits by connecting their machines and optimizing their operations. For the article in Hebrew For English translation: Visual Factories the Israeli startup that wishes to turn any factory into a smart factory Visual Factories helps manufacturing… read more →
India pic

Visual Factories participated in the Industry 4:0 session of the Israel – India innovation event

Nov 12th 2017

Nov 12th 2017* A delegation of executives from India has arrived to Israel to participate in an event focused on cooperation between Israeli and Indian companies. A part of the session was dedicated to Industry 4.0 and to learning how Israeli technology can help Indian industrial factories in their journey… read more →
Smart factory day pic

Visual Factories presents at Smart Factory Convention by Israel Innovation Authority

Oct 31th 2017

Oct 31th 2017* Visual Factories presents at Smart Factory Convention by Israel Innovation Authority One of the most exiting conventions of 2017, with a draw of over 400 of executives and managers from top tier Israeli manufacturing plants, all eager to learn more about Industry 4.0 and the technological advantages… read more →

Visual-Factories mentioned in TheMarker financial news

Oct 18th 2017

Oct 18th 2017* TheMarker is the leading hebrew-language daily business newspaper. In the article “It’s about time startups will start to listen to the traditional manufacturers” Visual-Factories is an example to a startup who listens to traditional manufacturers and helps them overcome their fear of a disruptive change.

And... Visual Factories won #1 at the GE digital demo day competition

Oct 5th 2017

Oct 5th 2017* “Winning the GE digital demo day competition gave us another vote of confidence to know we are on the right track” says Matti Tiano, CEO of Visual-Factories, “We look forward to gaining exposure in more and more factories, that will be able to easily implement and gain… read more →
Visual-Factories shop floor app customers examples (4)

Connected Assets Accelerate the Journey to Lean Manufacturing

Aug 15th 2017

Aug 15th 2017* Visual Factories featured in “Connected Assets Accelerate the Journey to Lean Manufacturing” article by Joe Barkai . Mr. Barkai shares shop floor feedback from our customers Turbine Jet (Pratt & Whitney), TAV Medical and more. The Seduction of Data Industry 4.0 promises to bring our factories to… read more →

Visual-Factories mentioned in TheMarker financial news

July 23rd 2017

July 23rd 2017* TheMarker is the leading hebrew-language daily business newspaper. In the article “The Era of Gut Feelings in Management is Over” Visual-Factories is mentioned as an example how an Industrial IoT solution helps manufacturers to increase machines’ utilization rate and impact the productivity of the factory.

Advanced Manufacturing Accelerator by Flywheel conference at Manufacturers' Association of Israel

July 17th 2017

July 17th 2017* Visual Factories was one of the main featured innovative companies featured at the advanced manufacturing Accelerator conference at Manufacturers’ Association of Israel. While a total of 8 startups presented their pitch, Visual Factories was featured as a success case study together with its long term customer Turbine… read more →

Visual Factories graduated the prestigious Microsoft Accelerator

June 28th 2017

June 28th 2017* Visual Factories has been selected to participated prestigious Microsoft Accelerator 4-months program, aimed at helping startups scale in a vast selection of verticals “This is a huge vote of confidence in our ability to make a difference in the global industrial world” says Matti Tiano, CEO of… read more →

A visit from Brazil's ministry of Economy

June 25th 2017

June 25th 2017*   Visual Factories was one of only two companies invited to represent Israel’s industrial innovation to the Advanced Manufacturing delegation from Brazil.  The delegation visited Israel in order to meet and learn new methods and technologies that contribute to improved productivity in production, and to keep Brazil’s… read more →

Visual Factories Affiliation with DETC UK

June 23rd 2017

June 23rd 2017* Visual Factories has signed an affiliation agreement with The Digital Engineering and Test Centre (DETC). DETC is a unique joint industry-academic center of excellence within the Loughborough University Campus on the London Olympic Park. DETC develops and uses virtual engineering tools and techniques to accelerate the development,… read more →

Visual Factories Presents at Daroma-Tzafona Conference

June 7th 2017

June 7th 2017* Visual Factories was invited to present at a conference held by the Daroma-Tzafona organization. Daroma-Tzafona is a nonprofit organization, funded through donations only. The Daroma-Tzafona for Businesses program is designed to consolidate, strengthen, advance and grow industries in Israel’s northern and southern areas, utilizing a variety of… read more →

Matti Tiano, a keynote speaker at the Industry4.0 summit

April 4th 2017

April 4th 2017* The Industry4.0 summit 2017 held in Manchester is an event focused on the future of manufacturing. The hot buzzwords for this event were Industry 4.0, the 4th industrial revolution, smart manufacturing, digital factories…all used to describe a series of game-changing innovations that are changing the way products… read more →

Visual Factories meets delegation from Baden Wuttemberg

March 2017

March 2017* Matti Tiano, CEO of Visual factories was invited to present to the esteemed delegation of Baden-Württemberg, headed by the Minister President of this Federal German State and his minister of Economic affairs and labor. Baden-Württemberg, is one of the most industrial German states, responsible for 15.2% of the… read more →

Visual Factories Makes UK Debut at MACH 2016

March 2016

March 2016* March 2016 With the recent opening of its UK facility, Visual Factories will be using the event as a platform to introduce its Performance Improvement Management (PIM) system to the UK marketplace. The new Performance Improvement Management (PIM) system is a complete solution that enables manufacturers to optimize… read more →
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