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About Visual-Factories.

Performance Improvement Solutions

Who we are

Visual-Factories provides Performance Improvement Solutions to the manufacturing and particularly the metal cutting sector with its Performance Improvement Management System (PIM). The system can connect to any type of production machine in most market segments and application types to deliver overwhelming cost reduction and productivity benefits.
At Visual-Factories, we believe in applying innovative technologies and thought processes to traditional manufacturing industries to improve their efficiency and profitability. As a company that has been established on the bedrock of over 30 years of expertise in delivering technical products and solutions to world leading manufacturing companies in all industry sectors, Visual Factories has combined this wealth of experience with over 50 years of accumulated experience in R&D of IoT infrastructure and applications such as vending machines, street lightning, public transportation, automatic agriculture and more, to deliver a truly unique solution for industry.

Our Skills

Manufacturing operations and needs understanding
Multiple endpoint software & control expertise
Solution providers

Whilst developing its market experience and applying its expertise to understanding the customer and the process of operations, Visual Factories has identified the customers’ need to measure, optimize and sustain their manufacturing processes from operational, engineering, maintenance and logistics standpoints. It is our extensive understanding of these processes and the links between all processes that ‘set the wheels’ in motion for the development of a completely unique product. And so, the Visual-Factories Performance Improvement Management (PIM) system was born.

In the five years from taking Visual-Factories from a concept through to a developed and established product, the company has delivered results beyond comprehension to manufacturing businesses the world over. However, as a company based on a foundation of innovation and R&D, the PIM system is a product that is continually evolving through development. Despite the improvements achieved by our customers being remarkable, our constant product development program demonstrates our commitment to process improvements for the manufacturing sector.

Meet the Team

Matti Tiano


As the founder of Visual Factories, Matti has built upon his BSc in mechanical engineering with more than 15 years of experience in consumable tool sales to world leading manufacturers. Supported with cutting edge technology and application knowledge, Matti led substantial process improvement projects for his extensive customer base to create ‘win-win’ situations where all parties enjoy the benefits.

Matti’s attention to detail when measuring the manufacturing performance prior to project implementation and after delivering the results has enabled him to accurately value and implement the improvement process for his customers. This analytical expertise is backed with his practical and professional understanding of manufacturing operations and processes. It is this combination that led Matti to develop the PIM system. Matti has also extensive expertise in the aerospace industry, specialising in the production processes involved in turbine and compressor blade production.

Inbal Luz

Chief Operations Officer

Technically focused, Inbal graduated from Technion in 1994 with a BSc in computer science. Recognized as Israel’s leading institute of technology, Inbal has developed her career with many years of experience in software development, project management and leading programing teams.

Extensive experience in understanding and designing embedded systems and protocols such as Modbus, Dali, DNC and a variety of proprietary protocols designed for embedded systems from Video vending machines to CNC units.

Uzi Yehezkel

Chief Technology Officer

As the Senior Software Architect at Visual Factories, Uzi has accumulated his expertise as a Multi-Disciplinary programmer with experience that covers all facets of the industry. This includes working with client servers communication platforms such as TCP/IP and HTTP.

Uzi is a highly valued member of the Visual Factories team with technical expertise in system architecture and programming that includes C, C++, C#, Java, Python, SQL, HTML, JavaScript.
‘I keep learning new methods and technologies because it’s the only way to maintain your position as the industry benchmark’

Edo Svorai

R&D manager

Since graduating from SUNY at Buffalo (NY), Edo has gained extensive experience during 20 years of project analysis, algorithm development, and database design, construction, development and administration.

Projects include software solutions to control, measure and improve performance in the video renting industry, the appliance production industry, health management, and energy conservation systems. ‘Understanding clients’ needs and planning the right software solution for every client are the keys to successful on time products’.

If you can't measure it - you can't manage it!